About Us

Discover the power of water jet cutting for industrial and graphics applications taglio ad acqua
Our mission

Only few Italian companies have introduced the water jet cutting method and Gitec Technology is one of them.
Our company offers quality services thanks to innovative machines and professionals staff.
Gitec Technology guarantees massive experience and high level of expertise to clients, in order to satisfy their needs accordingly.
Our experience is combined with constant updates of our production systems to guarantee the best solution within the shortest time.
The introduction of Multiaxis Machine (5 axes) allows to cut materials in 3D thanks to the choice for different angles of the axes.

The idea

Gitec specialises in water jet cutting for a variety of materials with specific Water Jet Cutter or Waterjet machines.
Behind the idea of using water pressure for cutting there is the human need to re-establish a mutual respect for nature, starting with what nature makes available to us.
Hence the idea of ​​using a water jets with a diameter between 0.7 mm and 1.5 mm at a pressure of 4000 atmospheres, channeled within a self-aligning head with numerical control that will be ejected from an orifice by mixing it within a tube and accelerated up to three times the speed of sound. This operation will produce a water jet of high precision that does not cause alterations on the thermal structure of materials.
This unique and modern technique allows cuts of incomparable definition and achievable on any type of material with thickness up to 25 cm.
The application of water jetting offers high levels of cutting accuracy and minimal impact as it produces very little waste.
The innovative technique allows to work on delicate and sensitive materials such as cork rubber, leather, plastic, wood and synthetic materials.
It is possible to realise any design without altering the surface treated.