The abrasive water jet cutting is gaining popularity as a tool for cutting a variety of materials.
Ease of programming, cutting cost and the ability to cut almost all materials from a few tenths of a millimeter up to a thickness of 250mm with accuracy of tenths of a millimeter has made an essential machine for numerous types of companies for different applications.

This technology does not cause any physical alteration or mechanical deformation of the workpiece and can cut thick materials not uniform and composite materials or laminated.
The width of the cutting groove is very low allowing to obtain the minimum amount of material removed.
The jet allows cutting of organic coated materials and/or coated with protective film also originating from the cutting surfaces have few burrs.

The water jet technology can cut all the materials that the cutting laser would not be able to cut without damaging (rubber, cork, leather, leather, foam materials, plastic, wood, carbon fiber, etc.).